Communication System

Duck in hardhat, carrying a tool box.Today’s wonderful Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) technology has empowered nonverbal and limited communicators (NVC/LCs) everywhere to express themselves and to be understood effectively…most of the time.

The CHAT Collective® Communication System was designed for those times when communication is equally critical, but AAC devices may not be available, not convenient or not functioning. These tools are easy to use, convenient, durable and very affordable. Best of all, they and the few simple techniques needed for maximizing their effectiveness ensure that communication will always be possible between individuals of all levels of verbal capacity.

Communications for Key Communities

Family members:All CHAT Collective® products and instruction are developed by and intended for parents and family members of NVC/LCs. These people share the same hardships and truly understand the value of helping verbally challenged children and adults to thrive.

Healthcare Providers: The CHAT Collective® approach helps medical practitioners to more easily do what they do best: care for patients. Better and more direct provider-patient communications is essential to achieving this.

Educators: It goes without saying that teachers want to be able to communicate with their students. And it’s stressful when they’re not properly trained to be able to deal with nonverbal or limited communicators. CHAT Collective® tools and techniques help teachers become more confident, comfortable and effective in connecting and communicating with complex communicators. They help teachers both to connect with AAC students and to better integrate them with the rest of their peers –all within limited classroom time and education budgets.

Three is the Key

The CHAT Collective® Communications System addresses fundamental communication challenges faced by NVC/LCs with tools and techniques that provide support in the following three areas: identification, facilitation and socialization.


The CHAT Collective® ID product line was developed to help identify nonverbal or limited communicators. By wearing a CHAT Collective® ID Tag, Dog Tag or T-shirt, he or she can be recognized and engaged or, in the event of an emergency, assisted effectively.


CHAT Collective’s Flip Choices tool and hand bands are tools that enable NVC/LCs to communicate their needs and desires by simply signaling their preferences between two choices. The CHAT Collective® Flip Choices tool features cards with several pairs of binary choices such as “hungry or thirsty” and “like or don’t like”; and the CHAT Collective® Hand Bands make it simple for NVC/LCs to answer “yes or no” questions. These products come with instructional techniques to ensure their effective use by verbal communicators and by those who have communication challenges.


CHAT Collective® CHAT Packs are fun group activities designed to engage, challenge and entertain NVC/LCs. Available in sets of three, the original CHAT Packs are based on art, games and fantasy sports themes. Gather friends and family members to join in the fun – CHAT Packs make it easy to include nonverbal and limited communicators in social activities!

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