Fantasy Sports Activity Instructions


Empowered Interaction:

Sports is one of the most common communication topics, and it bonds us with people that we might otherwise have nothing in common with.  We high five each other at games, we yell at refs and question coaching decisions.  We discuss new players, old players, trades, and coaches.  We share common teams, we bicker over rivalries, we dream about what we would do if we owned a football team.  Sometimes, a favorite team is the only thing we have in common with another, and it allows us to connect with people.  AAC users often struggle to find that common bond.  In some families, sports is what bonds fathers with sons, and it is challenging for some AAC users to make that bond, as they often will never have the opportunity to play ball or be coached by their father.  This CHAT Pack changes that and levels the playing field.  Enjoy!

Social Interaction Opportunities:

  1. Decision Making
  2. Initiating interactions and responding to others
  3. Watching sporting events together
  4. “Trash-talking” (e.g., “You’re going down!”) and encouraging words (“Great game!”)
  5. Following the scoreboard weekly.  Some sites send updates after the game, but it’s more fun to check the scoreboard in real time as the games are played.

The Set Up:

How to Join a Fantasy Sports League

There are many ways to join a fantasy sports league.  Football, Baseball, Hockey, and Basketball are some of the most popular, but you can even play with soccer and other sports that are less common.  Some schools offer after school programs.  Some families, friends, and neighborhoods get together to create leagues.  You can even play online with people from across the country.  Check out websites such as ESPN, Yahoo, CBS, and the NFL.  

How to Program Vocabulary:

Create a “Home” Fantasy Football board. This board will include the positions to be drafted.  Typically this includes the following: quarterback, running back, tight end, wide receiver, defense, and kicker.  An additional linking button should be included on this page to a “chat” board with some common fantasy football phrases.  It is recommended that beginners start by drafting as few players as possible, keeping the number to manage weekly more reasonable.

Fantasy Football AAC Sample

Each of those position buttons will open to a selection of players who might be drafted in that position.  For example, when the quarterback button is selected, a board would open with some popular quarterback options.  (For a list of the top projected players for each position, visit sports websites such as:,, or

Fantasy Football team icons for AAC device

Step by Step:  

How to Choose Your Team:

AAC users can create their own team, or be paired with a peer.  With children and adolescents, it is often a good idea to pair the AAC user with a peer.  This encourages a “team atmosphere” that the AAC user may not have experienced before.  Anyone who has been part of a team can attest to the power of that relationship.

Selecting players for your team is the most important strategic move you will make.  Some people like to choose their quarterback first.  Others prefer to select a wide receiver.  It is important to give the AAC user the ability to select the order of the positions they will draft.  

It is necessary to draft more than one player for each position.  Using one of the Fantasy Sports websites listed in the Resources section will assist with determining how many players should be drafted.

Each week, you will need to be sure the players you drafted are playing.  Sometimes, they are injured or on a bye week.  If that is the case, you will need to play a back-up player or draft a new one. Sometimes you can make trades with other teams for players.  

How to Chat with other players:

A “chat” board should include popular fantasy football phrases, such as “He got me a lot of points,”  “Do you like that player?” and “Who should we/I pick?”  Much of the fun with fantasy football is “talking trash” with your opponents, so be sure to include some phrases that indicate that you don’t agree with their selections (“You’re crazy!”), or that you are sure you will win (e.g., “You’re going down!”).   

Fantasy Football Chat Icons for AAC Devices


Fantasy Sports Websites

Specific Sports:









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