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CHAT Collective® inspires and empowers society to engage effectively with nonverbal and limited communicators through advocacy and education.

Learn about tools and techniques that can help you connect with those who have challenges communicating due to disabilities, stroke, ALS, and traumatic brain or other injuries.


barbNot everyone communicates with his or her voice – but we all deserve to be heard! I invite you to share my journey as the mother of a nonverbal communicator and to join me in encouraging verbal, nonverbal and limited communicators everywhere to learn how to interact with one another. It starts with awareness and respect; is facilitated by the right techniques and an easy-to-use communications system; and results in effective and mutually rewarding communication.  

At CHAT Collective®, we have been busy designing and testing a number of tools to enhance communication, increase engagement and build relationships. This exciting approach is how we can improve the ability and confidence of families, teachers, healthcare providers and others to interact, socialize and communicate with nonverbal and limited communicators!

Barbara H.Tresness
Founder, CHAT Collective® 

“Barb is a visionary. Where others see struggle, she sees hope. Barb recognizes potential in everyone and through creativity and determination, she inspires others to help create a more compassionate community”

Matt Seubert, Associate Executive Director for Development, Access CNY
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