Mom, Best Selling Author, Craniosacral Therapist And Founder Of The Graham Fund Shares A Documentary Of Hope And Healing

SYRACUSE, N.Y., April 4, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — The Graham Fund, A Story of Hope and Healing (DVD documentary) shares the inspiring journey into the frontiers of Dolphin Assisted Therapy – a journey that began when Barb first took her son Graham to the Bahamas. That initial therapy treatment brought a great deal of hope and progress to Graham’s development and introduced Barb to a therapy that would become part of her life’s mission. Shot on location mostly in the Bahamas, this film offers an intimate view of Graham’s story (and Barb’s) offering profound evidence of just how effective these therapies can be for treating a variety of health disorders.

The documentary DVD proceeds will help support The Graham Fund and enable other children to experience this life changing work with the dolphins.

Barb shares, “The Graham Fund was created with the intention of providing funding for children who might not otherwise be able to attend the Dolphin Assisted Therapy and to give back to others because of what my son Graham received from this wonderful miraculous work.” The Dolphin Assisted Therapy proved to be life changing for both Barb and Graham. To view a trailer of this DVD, visit The Graham Fund Trailer and

Recent media showcases “Extraordinary People and Places” highlighting Barb and Graham’s journey can be found at

To help continue the mission, please consider ordering (or purchasing) the DVD or making a donation to the Graham Fund through the Dr. John E Upledger Foundation.

About Barbara Huntress Tresness – A best-selling author, disability advocate, Craniosacral Therapist, founder of CHAT Collective and The Graham Fund. Graham serves as the inspiration behind this work as they help the world better understand communication challenges. She lives in Central New York with her family and received a B.A. from University of Vermont.

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