Our Mission

Hurt Duck being assisted by parameduck using CHAT IDIn a nutshell, Chat Collective’s® mission is to inspire and empower society to engage effectively with nonverbal and limited communicators through advocacy and education. There exists the inaccurate perception that there is only one way for humans to communicate – through clear, recognizable speech. And there is very little understanding or tolerance for even the smallest deviation from this.

Think for a minute about how frustrating it is for people who don’t speak the same language to communicate. Now multiply this for people who can’t communicate verbally. This can be more than frustrating in a medical emergency. CHAT Collective® was founded upon the belief that everyone has the ability to communicate, just in different ways.

Our mission is to raise awareness of this and, by empowering verbal communicators to engage effectively with nonverbal and limited communicators, to be the catalyst for an exciting paradigm shift in society.

Limited Communicators and Nonverbal Communicators

CHAT Values

We cannot communicate successfully without regard for those with whom we interact.

We approach every challenge with vigor and do not quit until we have reached our goal.

We are constantly learning from everyone we meet and we share that knowledge going forward.

We love our partners and believe that we can achieve greatness if we all work together as one.

We believe in helping others to succeed, ensuring lives lived with dignity and self-respect.

The CHAT Collective® Communications System

CHAT Tool duck, delivering communication, socialization and identification tools to whomever needs themThrough a wide variety of approaches, techniques and tools, our goal is to increase the ability and confidence of families, teachers, healthcare providers and others to interact, socialize and communicate with nonverbal or limited communicators. The Communication System is comprised of three types of products:

  • those that help to identify nonverbal and limited communicators;
  • those that facilitate communication;
  • and those that promote learning and social interaction.

Together, we can achieve a paradigm change in the way in which the world engages with limited and nonverbal communicators to improve the quality of their lives and everyone’s around them.

Note: Information provided and products developed by CHAT Collective® are not intended to diagnose or treat persons with communication challenges. All tools and techniques are intended solely to assist VERBAL communicators in engaging with nonverbal and limited communicators.