Who are Nonverbal Communicators (NVCs) and Limited Communicators (LCs)?

There are hundreds of thousands of people in this world who have challenges communicating due to disabilities, stroke, ALS, and traumatic brain or other injuries. Simply labeling them “nonverbal” suggests there isn’t or shouldn’t be any hope for communicating with them, which is why we advocate using the terms “Limited Communicator” (LC) or “Nonverbal Communicator” (NVC). We offer the following definitions:

Limited Communicators 

Those who are able to speak but who may have varying degrees of difficulty expressing their thoughts or enunciating clearly, which can prevent others from fully or easily understanding them.

Nonverbal Communicators

Those who are unable to speak unassisted, but who may communicate through such means as writing, sign language, physical gestures or Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) devices.

We hope you’ll join us in changing how these children and adults are described because we believe this is the first step toward changing the way they are treated. And ultimately, that is what drives CHAT Collective: to Connect Humans through Awareness and Technique.

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